David Reimondo

David Reimondo was born in Genova in 1973. He lives and works in Milan.
Starting from a video-making background, since the second half of the Nineties Reimondo has concentrated his artistic practice on the study of human being, approaching five main topics: souls, cells, body, thought and interaction.
His works, spreading among different media and unconventional materials – such bread – combine natural elements and technology as parts of a complex and variegated project, a perennial “work in progress”. In 2013, Reimondo was the recepient of the Premio Terna, with a sound-sculpture speaking a never-spoken-before language.
In the last years his research focused into language. The artit has created – and still is – hundreds of symbols – “graphemes” and “phonemes” corresponding to a specific meaning – concretizing them in diverse works, objects and media.