Carla Accardi

Carla Accardi was born in Trapani on 9th October 1924. Accardi studied art in high school, and later went on

“Art for me has always been design.” Getulio Alviani was born in Udine on the 5 September 1939. His training

“Nature and Culture have always been reference points for my artistic research, but instead of speaking about the religion of

Enrico Baj was born in Milan in 1924 and became one of Italy’s best-known artists. Baj was also a prolific

“I’ve always painted I’m painting / I will paint until the last moment” Giacomo Balla was born in Turin on

“My work has always been defined by tactile interpretation, which may be simply exercised with the eye.” Agostino Bonalumi was

“One must look for what is exceptional in the true.” Felice Casorati was born on December 4, 1883, in Novara,

My surfaces in canvas or plastic laminate or other material…are a reflection of that total inner space, devoid of contradictions,

Painting is project, risk, individual adventure, development of an idea articulated in its extreme logic. Paolo Cotani was born in

“Everything has two aspects: the current aspect, which we see nearly always and which ordinary men see, and the ghostly

“…In the language of artists, painting is a way of writing history…”. Piero Dorazio was born in Rome in 1927.

Lucio Fontana was born February 19, 1899, in Rosario de Santa Fé, Argentina. His father was Italian and his mother

“What I love is to act on the canvas. Acting means scratching, tearing, staining, invading the canvas with colour, in

Georges Mathieu was born on January 27, 1921, in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France. He moved to Versailles at age 12 and studied

Melissa McGill (b. Rhode Island, 1969. She lives and works in Beacon, New York) has presented both independent public art

“I could describe my work as the creation of medial atmospheres, spatialized emotions, that surround the body, but also that

Nunzio was born in 1954 in Cagnano Amiterno, in the province of L’Aquila. He studied at the Academy of Fine

Arnaldo Pomodoro was born in Montefeltro in 1926 and spent his childhood and education in Pesaro. He lives and works

“My work focuses on the individual. Recovering intimate subjectivity, which may also become a contribution to the community. I create

Shigeru Saito born 11 November 1974. He lives and works in Torino (Italy). In 1997 he graduated in Fine Arts

“I have literally been conquered by painting: it is something that opens spaces for me, it opens my knowledge, my

“Clarifying a mystery is indelicate to the mystery itself.” Alberto de Chirico, known as Savinio, was born in Athens in

“My research is entirely focused on the empowerment of individuals, which I believe happens exponentially in the collective sphere.” Marinella

Oliviero Toscani is internationally known as the creative force behind the most famous brands in the world, creator of images

“Colour, together with sign, is the main part of painting. Interpretation and its way of being make the painting. Giulio

Victor Vasarely was born on April 9, 1906, in Pécs, Hungary. In 1927, after studying medicine at Budapest University for

Emilio Vedova was born on August 9, 1919, in Venice. Self-taught as an artist he attended for a short period

“Since my school days I’ve been interested in photography and my interest went on forever with ups and downs. At a