March 27, 2024

Exibart: recensione David Reimondo. Cromofonetica

‘ID is yellow, LA is red, ÈN is blue’: David Reimondo’s Chromophonetics is on show in Turin
by Elsa Barbieri

The certainty is that David Reimondo focuses his work on the human being. That human being whose ability to transform the world he perceives into images – and to incorporate it, of course – constitutes a datum proper to the human condition on both the phylogenic and ontogenic levels.

…Experience is sound, it is visual and it is intellectual. And it belongs to us, as human beings whose imagination is but an energy that unites us to the world and vice versa, forming a bridge between outside and inside in a chiasmic way.  The show presents a moment in which phonetics meets graphics (CHROMOGRAPHY) before arriving, in the finale, at an anticipation of the future of his research: Interactions.

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