December 2, 2022

Atto di Pensiero. David Reimondo at Mitologie Digitali

We are thrilled to announce that David Reimondo‘s ATTO DI PENSIERO is now on view at Mitologie Digitali, the exhibition of digital art between Italy and China. The show, curated by Silvia Vannacci with Lisha Liang, opened on Sunday, November 27  in Saletta Campolmi and the Textile Museum, Prato.  Next March, the twenty-three Italian and Chinese artists will showcase their works at the Taizhou Museum of Contemporary Art.

On Atto di Pensiero, the artists says:
“A video projector beams a video with which I have simulated the act of thought. In order to create the video I used symbols in black cars, cutting them into pieces randomly and recomposing them on a flat surface. With the aid of a device, the surface was set vibrating and the scattering of the pieces of card was filmed. The footage was then modified in post production to obtain a video in which the symbols disassemble and reassemble.”

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