From April 20, 2023 to June 17, 2023

BIANCO NERO COLORE CHIUSO APERTO Accardi, Capogrossi, Reimondo

The dream of a perfect language did not only obsess European culture. The story of the confusion of tongues, and of the attempt to redeem its loss through the rediscovery or invention of a language common to all humanity, can be found in every culture. (Umberto Eco, The Search for the Perfect Language, Blackwell Publishers, 1995)

Mazzoleni Turin presents BIANCO NERO COLORE CHIUSO APERTO. Accardi, Capogrossi, Reimondo, an exhibition dedicated to the research on form and language by three artists belonging to different generations. Following dissimilar paths, Carla Accardi (1924 – 2014), Giuseppe Capogrossi (1900 – 1972) and David Reimondo (b. 1973) explore the use of sign elements capable of evoking – or condensing – relevant symbolic meanings and references into tangible objects. In their works, the sign takes on meaning not only for the communities and the historical moment for which it was produced, but it rises to universal values, both material and symbolical, surpassing temporal limits.

BIANCO NERO COLORE CHIUSO APERTO. Accardi, Capogrossi, Reimondo
Mazzoleni, Turin
20 April – 17 June 2023
Private View: Thursday 20 April 2022, 12-8pm