December 15, 2022

Cantico delle Creature Etimografico

David Reimondo’s “Cantico delle Creature Etimografico” (Canticle of the Creatures Etymography) is the light work that animates Piazza Santa Maria Novella in Florence from this evening throughout the Christmas holidays.

In dialogue with Leon Battista Alberti’s 15th-century façade, the poetic text of St. Francis of Assisi is transformed thanks to “Etimografia”, the artist’s macro-project embracing much of his latest research into “language”, a continuing work in progress in which each grapheme has a corresponding sound, a phoneme, as well as a specific meaning. Such “language” does not need to be read. Reimondo is first and foremost a visual artist who develops thoughts, forms and works that can be understood universally.

A unique occasion to see David Reimondo’s work “come to life” in the square dating 1287, presenting the artist’s utopia to the world: the elaboration of a new language that overcomes predefined boundaries in a confident “ecumenical” desire, a new interpersonal confrontation, the glorification of Nature as in the text of St. Francis: sister moon, brother sun.

The work is part of Green Line, the festival promoted by the Municipality of Florence, organised by MUS.E under the artistic direction of Sergio Risaliti.
The four natural elements are the red thread connecting all the artistic projects of the festival, starting from 7 December.