February 21, 2021

PROTEXT! When fabric becomes a manifesto, Centro Pecci

PROTEXT! When fabric becomes a manifestocurated by Camilla Mozzato and Marta Papini investigates how the most recent generation of artists considers the use of fabric and its different formal purposes as a transgressive artistic practice, exploring under a critical point of view its role in authorship, work and identity. The exhibition path features installations, sculptures, pennants, tapestries, drawings and embroideries.
Among the artists shown in this exhibition, Marinella Senatore presents highly coloured hand-embroidered banners from the series Forms of protest: memory and celebration and 50 drawings from the series It’s Time to Go Back to Street, in part produced for the Centro Pecci. The artist explores numerous aspects of the topic of protest in different geographic contexts, and the methods and systems of community aggregation: symbols like the banner for ceremonies in the South Italy, the South American political carnivals, the hand-painted banners of Anglo-Saxon workers, and the performing and musical arts as a means of expressing protests.

PROTEXT! When fabrics becomes a manifesto is accompanied by a Nero Editions publication in two volumes.

Artists shown: Pia CamilOtobong NkangaTschabalala SelfMarinella SenatoreSerapis Maritime CorporationVladislav ShapovalovGüneş Terkol.

PROTEXT! When fabric becomes a manifesto
Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato
24.10.2020 – 14.03.2021

Image: Protext! Installation view, Photo by OKNO Studio. Courtesy Marinella Senatore and Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci