March 9, 2021

Mazzoleni begins a collaboration with Marinella Senatore

Mazzoleni is pleased to announce a collaboration with Marinella Senatore, one of the most internationally known Italian artists, who has found the cornerstone of her artistic research within the dynamics of exchange, sharing and participation.
My work is energy; an energy that develops from the short-circuit between different elements placed in dialogue in the same space”.
—Marinella Senatore
An undisputed pioneer within the international artistic sphere, Senatore is known for her participatory artistic practice, for placing the individual and communities at the centre of the creative process. Over the course of more than two decades, she has been the author of an unprecedented creative process which focuses on the human relationship between the artist and the communities she involves. Her initiatives have a global resonance and touch nerve centres all over the world: from Venice to Paris, New York to Johannesburg, São Paulo to Shenzhen, involving more than six million people in 23 countries in a multidisciplinary way.
Senatore has taken part in countless participatory projects, group and solo exhibitions in Italy and around the world. She has also participated in the world’s most important biennials, including: São Paulo Biennial; Venice Biennial; Lyon Biennial; Thessaloniki Biennial; Liverpool Biennial; Athens Biennial; Havana Biennial; Gothenburg Biennial; Cuenca Biennial; Bangkok Biennial and Manifesta 12. Senatore’s work is represented in the collections of a wide selection of international museums.
Senatore pushes her research to the point of redefining her role as an artist to become an “activator of processes”. A new creative sphere in which the public no longer appears as a simple audience of spectators but as a multiplicity of active and creative subjects, each with their own history, specific skills and interests. The people involved are not mere performers but become the exclusive protagonists of the action in progress. An unprecedented creative approach from which strength and energy flow through the plurality of her artistic language.

A solo exhibition at the gallery in Turin will be dedicated to Marinella Senatore in autumn 2021.

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Image courtesy Magazzino Italian Art, Cold Spring, ph Marco Anelli