March 10, 2022

Massimo Vitali, Rosignano Session, NFT

Mazzoleni is pleased to announce Massimo Vitali’s first NFT work, titled Rosignano Session. As described by the artist:
Rosignano Session is made up of 36 photos, displayed in chronological order and without edits, shot at the “Spiagge Bianche” (White Beaches) in August 2020. I became famous with the photos of Rosignano I took back in 1995, after the election of Silvio Berlusconi in Italy. At the time, I was driven by a great curiosity to know why hordes of people had voted for him. The most sensible move seemed to stand right in front of them with my camera, to look at them in the eye, in their most vulnerable, defenceless state. So, I went back there again in summer 2020, this time to study the behaviour of people after the first lockdown due to COVID-19. I simply observed the sea, the people, and their movements in the water. Rosignano Session helps the viewer to understand the experience I had when I arrived, and the viewer in turn is able to imagine a story, be interested in a certain situation and follow a favourite character’s movement through space and time, thus participating in the process that lies behind my shooting sessions. Rosignano Session is a symbol of how humanity keeps moving forward, despite all circumstances.”

The digital file comes with a paper version of the photo session composed of thirty-six pictures 45×33,5cm (17,7”x 13,1”). This accordion-style publication can be viewed as a book or as a circular and continuous exhibition from one photo to another.

For further information about the NFT artwork by Massimo Vitali, please visit the Official website.
NFT drop is scheduled on Wednesday 16 March. Access by clicking on this LINK.

Cover image: Massimo Vitali, Rosignano Milk Maddalena Penitente, 2020. Included in the Rosignano Session.