July 19, 2022

Marinella Senatore in collaboration with the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma

The Teatro dell’Opera Foundation in Rome and the MAXXI Foundation inaugurate in 2022 a three-year project aimed at developing synergies to enhance and promote the arts of the 21st century.
The Director of MAXXI Arte, Bartolomeo Pietromarchi, has selected Marinella Senatore as the first artist involved in the project to produce a series of representative works commissioned by the Theatre, inspired by the programme of the 2022/2023 season.
Mazzoleni is pleased to present this new body of works by Senatore, created in collaboration with the Theatre Foundation and the Museum with the involvement of Elena Motisi, curator of MAXXI, and Paolo Cairoli, communication consultant for the Opera of Rome. Based on exceptional iconographic research, the result is a series of 20 never-before-seen collages characterized by strong visual strength, typical of the work of Senatore.
Contemporary portraits, period photographs, historical sketches and moving silhouettes whirl over musical scores and authorial drawings, recreating an incredible new world, which seems to come to life and activate an everchanging musical flow. In Senatore’s collages is depicted a dreamlike and provocative universe, which reveals all the contemporaneity of the themes of this Opera’s season: revolutionary women, imprisonment and slavery, religion and freedom, dreams of travels to far away territories, reflection on post-colonialism, desires for joy and passion.
The artist’s collages – present throughout the entire communication of the Opera of Rome’s 2022/2023 season – represent the perfect synthesis between opera, dance, symphonic music ,and visual arts.

Tattro dell’Opera di Roma (Opera House in Rome)
Piazza Beniamino Gigli, Rome

Cover image: Marinella Senatore, Teatro dell’Opera di Roma 2022-2023 (detail). Collage, mixed technique on cotton paper, 2022