April 6, 2018

Linea etimografica. David Reimondo at Teatro Filodrammatici, Milan

The Teatro Filodrammatici of Milan is pleased to host the exhibition David Reimondo / Linea etimografica, curated by Gaspare Luigi Marcone, from a project by Paolo Giubileo.
The installation will open on Saturday, 7 April at 5 pm, and the exhibition will continue until 3 June.

For almost a decade David Reimondo has been conducting research on “language”; the artist has conceived – and continues to conceive – hundreds of new “symbols”. Each symbol has a specific meaning and is composed of a “grafema” and a “phoneme”. These symbols are the basic cells to build a larger and more articulated organism, an organism that can take different forms with heterogeneous materials each time. His research is a perennial “work in progress”. We must not read or think this “language” following the canons, the rules, the traditions of linguistics or academicism; Reimondo is primarily a visual artist.
For the exhibition at the Teatro Filodrammatici in Milan, the artist presents Linea etimografica (synthetic cotton, UV print, 43 x 2250 cm, Audio MP3 1’21 “) visual and sound work composed of a long strip of cloth on which a text is printed. The reproduced sentence is almost a declaration of poetics, that from Italian slowly transforms into its new “language”; at the same time an audio track – created in collaboration with Tommaso Amadio (actor and co-artistic director of the Filodrammatici Theater) – reproduces the reading of the sentence on the fabric. The work is “developed” along the staircase of the theater redesigned by Luigi Caccia Dominioni, in a movement of descent and ascent, and the general vision metaphorically recalls the form of a sound wave that expands in space and time.

The exhibition is realized with the contribution of Mazzoleni, London – Turin.
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Cover image: David Reimondo, Etimografia-Cervello, 2014