June 16, 2018

FatStudio presents: R A I D – Corleone

“Art and Silence are incompatible.
Like water and oil.
Treating honestly unlawful topics or treating unlawfully honest topics is,
anyway, evacuating silence.
Existence is a rarefying process which tends to the juncture. It is
consequential to line up.
Art, though having the rights, should not support crypto-languages, but
spread its messages through sharp and tidy positions.
For this edition, R A I D speaks and acts under the sunlight. Under the
Sicily’s one.”

This is the statement with which the fifth edition of R A I D is opened, and for this occasion infiltrates a confiscated building and seized from the Corleone mafia, intended to house municipal offices. 17 Authors ranging from visual arts to video, from music to theater, will transform the building following the dynamics imposed by the format Manifesto. Sunday, June 17, from 14:00 to 20:00, the Autori platoon will attempt to shatter the obscure mythology associated with the Sicilian country through the choral act of artistic offer, strictly live streaming, entrusted to the eye of three directors.

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