July 22, 2020

Meccaniche della Meraviglia 14 (Mechanics of Wonder)

The fourteenth edition of Meccaniche della Meraviglia (Mechanics of Wonder), a cultural event organized by the Municipality of Brescia and directed by Albano Morandi, involves eight artists of national and international fame, calling them to work with installations and site-specific artworks in different locations in the city of Brescia and in the municipality of Puegnago del Garda.
Eight projects that have the dimension of a solo show, characterized by the common principle of intervening in space, in close relationship with its characteristics, in an attempt to exalt its peculiarity and wonderful identity, also highlighting hidden yet identity aspects.
Mazzoleni is pleased to introduce the site-specific project by Andrea Francolino, curated by Ilaria Bignotti. The artist will be presented at Spazio Contemporanea, Brescia, with wide-ranging works of great visual impact, devising a two-step process, contemplative and experiential, of deep involvement of the visitor.
The title of the exhibition, Queste lunghe soglie mutevoli (These long shifting thresholds), is inspired by a verse from Samuel Beckett’s Four Poems: the poetic composition, a dramatic declaration of an impossible resolution between the cyclical nature of life and its inextricable incommunicability, represents in a certain sense that negative and apocalyptic vision of history and man restored after World War in literature and art: Francolino starts from here and, through the crack, the history of our times emerges.
The crack is the central element of the artist’s investigation: in the exhibition, it is a recurring image, declined in multiple dimensions and verified in its relationship and intervention on different materials, from ground to concrete and glass.
Testimony of a disintegrated yet harmonious landscape, in a delicate and alchemical balance where matter conflicts with time and rethinks the space of experience, the crack is thought by Francolino in its positive and regenerating function, as a sign and direction of a new possibility, as a redemption of man and his history that begins from interruption and rupture.

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Andrea Francolino These long shifting thresholds