From November 6, 2015 to November 8, 2015

Artissima 2015

Mazzoleni Galleria d’Arte is delighted to present the work of Agostino Bonalumi in occasion of Artissima 2015. The project aims to present a selection of significant recent works by Bonalumi in order to understand better the complete artistic path of the Italian master and his experimental investigation. A thirst for knowledge drove him throughout his career.
The selected artworks represent the last decade of Bonalumi’s career, that saw the beginning of a new phase that involved revisiting his earlier periods. There was a desire to attain a renewed synthesis based on the great themes in his research between ‘60s to ‘80s, with a final reconciliation between the curved and straight lines from the earlier periods.
This was not a return to order but an attempt to gaze upon the past with distance, utter freedom and without nostalgia. With reflection, Bonalumi sought to apply a new leap in his research. He did so not by adding further emphasis to his style, but by choosing to bring out the metaphysical and mysterious nature in his art.
Furthermore, Bonalumi strongly orientated his own practice towards the balance between maximum discipline and maximum freedom (Nero, 2008), freeing the role of chance within the rational artistic operation.
A clear example of the artist’s intention is Rosso (1967-2005), a large fiberglass sculpture at the centre of the booth. The sculpture is a noble reinterpretation of the experimental sculptures realized in 1967, using new materials – fiberglass – to emphasise the importance of reflection and light to shape the entire sculpture. The use and the colour scheme for the construction of the shape of the works is a characteristic element of the last artistic period of Bonalumi. A clear example are Bianco e Nero (2011) and Rosso (2005), where the depth and movement of the work is reinforced by the combination of contrasting colours and different shades.