From October 24, 2009 to January 15, 2010

Beyond Painting. Bonalumi, Castellani, Fontana, Manzoni

After the last exhibition, dedicated to the Italian masters of the Informal artistic movement, Mazzoleni Gallery presents a show articulated around a selection of masterpieces from four Milanese artists of the 1950s and 1960s. The experimentations of these artists inaugurated a radically new concept of painting characterised by an emphasis of the subjective forces and of the individual expression, tainting the artwork with existentialist symbolism. This turn in the arts is intrinsically associated to the developments in the relationship between the surface and the environment, particularly through the three-dimensional techniques. In addition, we can see a detachment from the traditional painting techniques and an development towards monochromatic surfaces in order to enhance the perception of the painting as a physical object.