From September 22, 2022 to October 22, 2022

ANDREA FRANCOLINO. But then Gaia, the Earth, came into being

Andrea Francolino’s first solo show at Mazzoleni, Turin features a sequence of antinomies. On the one hand, the show offers a mapping of the artist’s journeys across different lands; on the other hand, it presents an attentive recording of the ground’s minimal traces. This dialectic between micro and macro generates a tension in the scenery. As in Zeno’s first paradox (“If there are many, they must be as many as they are and neither more nor less than that. But if they are as many as they are, they would be limited. If there are many, things that are are unlimited. For there are always others between the things that are, and again others between those, and so the things that are are unlimited”) the philosopher underlines the contradiction of multiplicity, Francolino shows infinity through a small crack in the wall as well as through the great outlines of oceanic shores or mountain chains. This everyday continuous duality emerges in the works on display. Natural elements and research journeys become irregular shapes that reflect organic strains, entropic fractals spreading across the surrounding space, with the potentially infinite pathways and cracked surfaces.