December 4, 2023

Agostino Bonalumi. Oltre la superficie: l’esplorazione dei limiti.

“Two exhibitions not to be missed, where Maestro Agostino Bonalumi’s artistic vision emerges, based on the idea that beauty should be experienced and not described.”

On Biancoscuro Art Magazine, in the rich review of the exhibitions  The Paradox of Proximity: Agostino Bonalumi and Lee Seung Jio e Agostino Bonalumi. Il Teatro delle Forze , Vincenzo Chetta interviews Davide Mazzoleni and curator Marco Scotini:

“If there is one aspect of Bonalumi that I would like to emphasise and claim, it is that of a performative, ‘eventemential’ sculpture that is always the same and each time different. Just as Spinoza asked “what can a body”, Bonalumi asks “what can a canvas”.

Biancoscuro #61
December ’23 – January ’24