TOUCH NATURE, Forum Austriaco di Cultura, Rome

September 8, 2021

From 16 September to 15 November 2021, the Forum Austriaco di Cultura in Rome, directed by Georg Schnetzer, presents TOUCH NATURE, a group exhibition of Austrian and Italian artists, conceived by Sabine Fellner and curated by Adriana Rispoli.
Climate change, plastic pollution of the seas, wasted food and wild drilling: art in the age of Covid takes the field to denounce and oppose the destruction of the environment at the hands of man.
Painting, graphics, photography, sculpture, installations and videos are the means used by the artists (15 Austrians and 4 Italians) to address the most pressing issues related to the environment, in which man has become the determining factor. On show are works from the Humus series by artist Andrea Francolino.

Forum Austriaco di Cultura di Roma
Viale Bruno Buozzi 113, Rome
16 September – 15 November 2021
Opening: Wednesday 15 September 2021 at 6pm

Cover image: Andrea Francolino, Humus, Forum Austriaco di Cultura