September 7, 2021

Steirischer Herbst’21, The Way Out

The Steirischer Herbst festival, with a long history of engagement with public space, will explore the ways in which artworks can infiltrate the new adventure of the everyday life, be it in chance encounters, local workshops, public gatherings.
The 2021 edition of Steirischer Herbst, The Way Out, ventures radically out—outdoors, out of lockdown, but also out of the safe institutional bubble. How to bring art to non-initiated audiences? Can the popular be political without slipping into a populist trap? These are questions that drive the festival.
This year’s opening takes place on Thursday, September 9, at the central station at Europaplatz, a site marking the metaphorical entry and exit point of Graz—a gateway to the outside world, now transformed magically through an installation by Marinella Senatore.
The full program with performances e meetings , including the varied Parallel Program by local art institutions, is available online.

Steirischer Herbst’21 The Way Out
Europaplatz – 8020 Graz (Austria)
9 September – 10 October 2021
Opening: 9 October 2021, 5 pm

Cover image: Installation view, Marinella Senatore, Assembly, 2021