Segno d’Oro Award

December 23, 2021

On Friday 21 January at 12pm, in the context of Arte Fiera in Bologna, Marinella Senatore will receive the Segno D’Oro (“Gold Sign”) Award by Luisa Spadano, director of the “Segno” magazine.
Created in 2007 from an idea of ​​Umberto Sala, president of the cultural association “Segno”, the prize is periodically given to an artist who has distinguished themselves for their continuous commitment and internationally-recognised work. The artist is chosen by the editorial staff of the “Segno” magazine; the first two editions of the Award were produced by Luigi Ontani. The Segno D’Oro was given to Costas Varotsos in 2007, and to Nunzio in 2012.
As the trophy that will be awarded to Marinella Senatore was made by Costas Varotsos, Senatore is the appointed artist to produce the trophy for the next edition’s Award.