February 1, 2022

Rebecca Moccia’s London residency with Outset Contemporary Art Fund

Mazzoleni is pleased to announce Rebecca Moccia’s new residency in London.
Last October, Rebecca Moccia was amongst the winners of the 10th edition of Italian Council – a programme aimed at promoting Italian contemporary art abroad supported by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Culture- with her project titled Ministero della Solitudine (“Ministry of Loneliness”).
Moccia’s project – which investigates the social and political dimension of the negative and pain – involved five Italian and international institutions: Outset Contemporary Art Fund, UK Chapter (UK); Magazzino Italian Art, New York (USA); Jupiter Woods, London (UK); the Embassy of Italy in Tokyo (Japan); and Fondazione ICA, Milan.
The first institution to host Rebecca Moccia is Outset Contemporary Art Fund. The artist will be in London from 17 January to 17 March working at the Outset Climavore Residency.
The Outset Climavore Residency is a long-term project with site-specific interventions that use food as a tool to address environmental degradation. The residency space was designed by Cooking Sections: a duo of spatial practitioners exploring the systems that organise the world through food. Using installation, performance, mapping and video, their research based practise works between the overlapping boundaries between visual arts, architecture, and geopolitics-.

Images: Rebecca Moccia Portrait. Ph. Stefano Colonna; Rebecca Moccia, Ministry of Loneliness research material: Return of the House of Commons rehearsal on 20th April 2020. Image credits: UK Parliament / Jessica Taylor, Rebecca Moccia, Ministry of Loneliness Visual notes, 2022; Outset Climavore Residency; Outset Climavore Residency.

Cover image: Outset Climavore Residency