April 29, 2024

Rebecca Moccia at Fondazione Zegna

Rebecca Moccia presents ‘ATMOSFERICA. Stagioni e temperamenti’ (ATMOSPHERIC. Seasons and tempers) at Fondazione Zegna , opening on 25 May.

From 25 May to 15 September, 2024, in the spaces of Casa Zegna in Trivero Valdilana (Biella), the exhibition ‘ATMOSFERICA. Stagioni e temperamenti’, conceived specifically for the occasion by the artist and curated by Ilaria Bonacossa will be open to the public.

The title of the exhibition expresses the desire to investigate the ways in which human affectivity is formed in relation to the environment that surrounds us, and how the impact of unsustainable development, which alters rhythms and balances, also reflects on our perceptual and emotional sphere.

The project stems from Rebecca Moccia’s numerous visits to Casa Zegna, an archival and museum hub, and to Oasi Zegna, the territory of 100 square kilometers surrounding the eponymous wool mill, conceived and created by Ermenegildo Zegna at the beginning of the last century as a unique model of social and environmental consciousness.

Rebecca Moccia
“ATMOSFERICA. Stagioni e temperamenti”
Curated By Ilaria Bonacossa
25 May 2024 – 15 Setember 2024
Casa Zegna, Trivero Valdilana (Biella)