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Massimo Vitali

Rosignano Fins


Edition of 9 plus 2 AP
Lightjet print on photographic paper from drum scan of original negative - Diasec Mount with wooden frame
180 x 228.5 cm
70 7/8 x 90 in

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Rosignano is the first place you have to go in Tuscany if you want a white beach. Like I did at the start, I placed my tripod in the water to capture the sea and the coast. I think I went to Rosignano a couple of times and took in total around 20 shots. This is the one I’m most fond of. Partly because I took the first ones to someone who developed them very badly, ruining them. Certain photographers spend years photographing the same things and think that they’ve peaked. But if you know what you want – you do it quickly. Taking three photos is better than taking six. And if you do it in half day it’s better than taking a month. This is how I work.


Massimo Vitali interviewed by Mirta d’Argenzio, Short Stories, 2019