David Reimondo. Studio Visit

David Reimondo was born in Genoa in 1973. He lives and works in Milan. Reimondo’s works focuses on the human being and from the outset has followed five strands of research that have been developed progressively over time: “Anime” (“Souls”), “Cellule” (“Cells”), “Corpo” (“Body”), “Pensiero” (“Thought”) and “Interazione” (“Interaction”).

Andrea Francolino. Studio Visit

Andrea Francolino (Bari, b. 1979) lives and works in Milan. At the centre of his reflections is the “crack” – as in cracked surface – in all its universality and its “infinite variants”, without criticism and prejudice. “Looking at a crack is like looking at the universe, I reflect on the meaning of life and […]

Rebecca Moccia. Studio Visit

Rebecca Moccia was born in Naples in 1992. She lives and works in Milan. In her transdisciplinary practice, Moccia explores the materiality of perceptive and emotive states that can emerge from specific social and spatial characteristics. As the artist explains: “I could describe my work as the creation of medial atmospheres, spatialized emotions, that surround the body, but […]

Marinella Senatore. Make It Shine, 2021

Marinella Senatore: Make it Shine, starting on 2 November 2021 in Turin and on view until 29 January 2022 was the is the first solo exhibition that Mazzoleni dedicates to Marinella Senatore, one of Italy’s most internationally renowned artists.

MAZZOLENI 1986 – 2016: 30 Years of Art | Masterpieces from the 20th Century

in 2016, the exhibition MAZZOLENI 1986 – 2016 presented the gallery’s exceptional 30-year commitment to promoting Italian art around the world. Curated by Gaspare Luigi Marcone, MAZZOLENI 1986 – 2016: 30 Years of Art 30 Italian Artists, represented an opportunity to explore the stages in a unique journey via the icons of the Italian 20th […]