November 8, 2023

Noor Riyadh 2023 – Marinella Senatore

We are delighted to annouce that Marinella Senatore will be participating in Noor Riyadh 2023, a citywide annual festival of light and art that unites Saudi and international artists. The 2023 edition includes 120 artworks comprising large-scale public installations across Riyadh.

The curatorial team of Noor Riyadh 2023 is composed of Jérôme Sans as Lead Curator, Pedro Alonzo, Fahad Bin Naif and Alaa Tarabzouni as Curators.

We Rise by Lifting Others is one of Marinella Senatore’s luminous sculptures, and incorporates for the first time Arabic writing and visual motifs from the surrounding Najd province, which Senatore intertwines with designs from southern Italy. These changes show the artist’s commitment to adapting her work to its surrounding environment and to ease a feeling of cohesion with the public. Senatore’s poetic message is here given in Arabic, in the hopes of creating a better understanding among its viewers and a community inspired by the arts and society at large. This immense luminous structure with bright tones is elevated so that it can be seen from afar, providing a rallying point for all to wonder at and to use as a place of exchange or a conversation starter.

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