May 3, 2024

Ministry of Loneliness Theme

Cripta747 and Paint It Black are excited to announce the release of Ministry of Loneliness Theme on vinyl. This project is the result of a collaboration between composer Renato Grieco and artist Rebecca Moccia, and is published by PIB, on the occasion of the exhibition The Loners by Moccia, curated by Elena Bray and Iacopo Prinetti, on show at Cripta747 until the 10th of May.
Ministry of Loneliness Theme will be launched with a talk and a listening session by Renato Grieco at Paint it Black’s bookshop.

The track showcases Moccia’s investigation on Loneliness and its Ministries by featuring the original music composed by Renato Grieco for the project. The audio tracks were composed by degrading the magnetic tape medium, previously edited by Grieco, with sounds from acoustic and synthetic instruments on the ground: a translation of the complex sensation of Loneliness, sought through the laceration of sound.
The vinyl, in its physical guise, has been realized by borrowing the aesthetic elements typical of Moccia’s work, as the thermal print depicted on the record, an atmospheric representation of one of the places encountered by the artist during his research. Or the sleeve, whose ceramic edition echoes the material used in the formalization of his previous works, which emphasize the materiality and fragility of solitary bodies.

The collaboration between Paint It Black and Cripta747 was born from Renato Grieco and Rebecca Moccia’s desire to give a new form to their collection of tracks. This project is also part of the artist’s solo exhibition at the space located in Via Catania 15/f. The audio transmitted through trumpet speakers further intensifies the perception of oppression and control inherent to the liberal apparatus.

The Loners is a project by Cripta747, with the participation of Paint It Black. Realised with the support of MiC and SIAE in the framework of the programme “Per chi Crea”, Regione Piemonte, Fondazione CRT and under the patronage of Città di Torino.