September 29, 2022

Marinella Senatore. Remember The First Time You Saw Your Name

From 30 October to 29 January 2023, one of the Marinella Senatore’s  light sculptures is presented on the facade of the Kestner Gesellschaft: Remember the First Time You Saw Your Name, 2020. Here, the artist focuses herself in a very explicit way on the issue of one’s identity and a sense of individual and collective belonging, once more foregrounding an urgent need for empowerment, emancipation and affection. Senatore’s work contributes to the Kestner Gesellschaft’s ongoing process of self-reflection in regards to redefining its role and enhancing its position as a host and a mediator of the social and cultural scene of the city.

Kestner Gesellschaft
Goseriede 11
30159 Hanover
Oct. 30, 2022 – Jan. 29, 2023