October 17, 2022


Thanks to the support of the Plan for Contemporary Art 2021
Marinella Senatore
Curated by Guido Curto
Piazza dell’Annunziata until 8 January 2023
Reggia di Venaria until February 5, 2023

Six new pieces of art by Marinella Senatore, surrounded by the curvy stucco frames of the 18th century Anticamera dei Valletti a piedi room, create a bright and enveloping space. The light theme is a fundamental component in the artist’s multidisciplinary practice: material and metaphorical, light is used for narrating and creating poetry, a tool for resistance or cohesion.
«Light structures generate energy, which, in the form of luminous beams, propagates through space, changing it and altering structures as well as the individuals populating it », the artist states.
The artworks, outcome of collective reflections from the artist’s community-based work, call for contemplation and action with quotations on the identitarian sense of individuals and community: «Remember The First Time You Saw Your Name», or «We Rise by Lifting Others» by Robert Ingersoll and «Dance First Think Later» by Samuel Beckett, rendered in the artist’s drawing style and handwriting.
The works are created using LED and mercuryfree neon lights, on recycled plastic supports, endorsing sustenability.
The exhibition stretches out to the town of Venaria Reale with Assembly, the great installation acquired by Consorzio delle Residenze Reali Sabaude (Consortium of the Royal Residences of the House of Savoy) in
2022 thanks to the support of PAC 2021, the Contemporary Art Scheme by the Directorate-General for Creativity of the Ministry of Culture.

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