October 5, 2020

ITALICS Art and Landscape

Mazzoleni is pleased to announce its participation in ITALICS Art and Landscape, the first-hand guide to the country’s art, culture and contemporary lifestyle, written and illustrated by the gallerists themselves.
ITALICS Art and Landscape is an all-digital editorial platform that will spotlight the profound cultural experiences cultivated on the Italian territory by its most celebrated gallerists, exploring the extraordinary art heritage of the country. Through insightful storytelling and eye-catching photography, readers will be offered a sense of discovery and unrivalled access to explore Italy.
Driven by the desire to build a network based on collaboration and shared experience, for the first time a group of sixtythree galleries from all over Italy, able to represent the art of all times at the highest level – from the ancient to the emerging one, comes together to institute a system around a long-term project. The new body will contribute to artistic discourse across Italy’s cultural infrastructure including institutions, museums, fairs and biennials.

The gallerists will present Italy, exploring some of the least known aspects of its cultural heritage and at the same time, drawing attention to refined facets of Italian production. In doing so, it will offer an unprecedented view of a lifestyle that is revered globally.

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