Gesto movimento militanza, Habitat Ottantatre, Verona

September 23, 2021

On Friday, September 24 at 7 pm in Verona, In Habitat will open the doors of Habitat Ottantatre, a multipurpose space dedicated to coworking, art and culture.
For the occasion, the exhibition Gesto movimento militanza will be inaugurated.
Curated by the association In Habitat, it investigates the theme of gesture, understood as an explicit and immediate action, a constituent element of non-verbal communication, which is implemented primarily through the use of spatial positions, movements of the head, hands and other parts of the body. A gesture can be collective or individual, offensive or authoritarian, instinctive or pathological.
The exhibition forms part of a cycle of presentations that explore in different ways, the artist’s exploration with the public of politics and ethical choices. The exhibition is located among the co-working spaces and in the exhibition hall and features works by different artists included Andrea Francolino.

Gesto movimento militanza
24 September – 7 November 2021
Opening: 24 September 2021, 7pm
Habitat Ottantatre
Via Mantovana 83/E – Verona