September 22, 2023

Flash Art Italia: Vincenzo Estremo on Rebecca Moccia

Vincenzo Estremo on Rebecca Moccia’s practice,  available on Flash Art Italia 362, Autumn 2023:

“In Moccia’s work, there is a strategic affirmation of her artistic research […]. It is in this way that, by working on the intimate connection between spaces and emotional perception, Moccia reveals what is not always visually evident or does not follow a perceptual linearity… In short, towards the invisible violence of contemporary production methods and the remedies that are part of the problem, Rebecca Moccia’s work resists and moves forward with the same perseverance required to advance on a rainy day… once again and sometimes even more, the artist continues to make her practice a way to shed the ‘soaked garments’ of the ego, rallying those who have the legs to march.”

REBECCA MOCCIA Somewhere in the Room Mazzoleni, Turin September 20 – November 18, 2023
Installation view, ph. Diego Mayon