Nomad St. Moritz 2020

NOMAD St. Moritz | Booth P3
Chesa Planta Mulins 2
7503, Samedan


Agostino Bonalumi | Alberto Burri |  Enrico Castellani |  Lucio Fontana | Fausto Melotti | Michelangelo Pistoletto

The winter edition of NOMAD returns to the Engadin Valley at Chesa Planta, a historic mansion in Samedan in the heart of the Swiss Alps. The exhibition space within the storied luxury home will help set the stage for Au Départ to present its brand vision through the retail environment in a home-like setting. Au Départ trunks and new bag line will be showcased along with exclusive carpets made by Illulian, that have furnished and enhanced Au Départ’s spaces since its launch.  This time, thanks to the partnership with Mazzoleni, the walls will display striking works by Post-War Italian Masters from the gallery, which recently hosted an Au Départ London pop-up alongside their exhibition Hans Hartung and Art Informel. The presentation at NOMAD will include works from renowned artists such as Agostino Bonalumi; Alberto Burri; Enrico Castellani; Lucio Fontana; Fausto Melotti and Michelangelo Pistoletto.


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