From October 7, 2020 to October 16, 2020


This year, on the occasion of Frieze Viewing Room, Mazzoleni is delighted to present a project which highlights the complexity and artistic experimentation of Twentieth century Italian art through different generations of artists.
The early part of the century was defined by the creation of various key avant-garde movements such as Futurism, which undoubtedly dominated the Italian artistic scene. Italian artists of the Post-war period shared a ground-breaking approach to painting, experimenting with new techniques and materials. They became interested in the study of colours, monochromes, surfaces, and unorthodox  materials. A final focus on Art Informel evokes the confidence and creative energy of post-war Europe.

Giacomo Balla | Agostino Bonalumi | Alberto Burri| Carlo Carrà | Enrico Castellani |Felice Casorati | Giorgio de Chirico | Hisao Domoto | Lucio Fontana | Hans Hartung | Toshimitsu Imai | Georges Mathieu | Jean-Paul Riopelle | Alberto Savinio | Pierre Soulages