Mazzoleni is pleased to participate to ArtVerona 2020 #italiansystem. ArtVerona’s digital programme will be available online from the end of November 2020 till January 2021.
On the occasione of Digital Black, the firstĀ  Italian “Black Friday” especially dedicated to contemporary art, the gallery will present an artwork by Piero Dorazio, which will be on sale at a special price only on Friday 27 November.
Digital Yellow, the second digital project by ArtVerona, will be online from 4 to 14 December with a selection of 15 works by artists from post-war art to the most recent researches by contemporary artists like Rebecca Moccia, Andrea Francolino, David Reimondo, Melissa McGill and Massimo Vitali.
Finally, the third digital project, Digital White, dedicated to the galleries belonging to the ANGAMC Association, will present an artist Solo Show from 15 December 2020 to 10 January 2021.

To register for the digital programme, please visit www.artverona.it