From April 22, 2015 to May 23, 2015

You Are Here

Mazzoleni inaugurates in London a new series of exhibitions dedicated to contemporary Italian art while maintaining its core program of curatorial exhibitions on Post War Italian Masters. The first exhibition on contemporary Italian artists will commence on April 22nd with a solo show dedicated to Enrico T. De Paris.
| You are here | presents a careful selection of works from 2008 to the present. The artist has dedicated this series of works to the theme of man’s made transformation of the planet through biotechnology and electronics, the conditioning of communities, social migration and a general scientific research. The use of different languages, from installations to paintings and digital works, is a functional way to tell a world re-built by man of the needs for a non-linear approach to the understanding of a dense system of symbols that characterizes the contemporary world, a colorful and joyous language with a surprising vitality and analysis.
The effort on the experimental research of De Paris combined with different expressive techniques and the variety of materials used, exalt his poetry: “In my research, we can identify some constant themes, the artist says, such as my interest in other disciplines as biology, poetry, sociology, history, geopolitics, and design; this is my vision of the world around us and what will become as everything seems to be so unlikely, unpredictable and invisible. The effort is to perceive reality as a mosaic of a half-reality of various sizes, a multi-universe”. He adds: “The artist must exalt in his imagination the content of contemporary life which intervenes in the expansion of the universe with immense and fantastic ideas, launching luminous signals”.
Enrico T. De Paris documents the “state of affairs” and through his images and his writings, which revolve around the man of today, he invents new metaphors to recognize a new planet and suggests the possibility of building a new world, an actual extraordinary moment, places of the soul, spaces of the mind. It shows how an artist can always pick the most challenging and positive aspects of the society around him in a world which is constantly more complex, fluid and fragmented that enables him develop a poetry that evolves over time.