January 04January 24, 2016


PierPaolo Calzolari

For this Focus exhibition, Mazzoleni London will present Metronomo, an array of daily objects: two chairs, a metronome and feathers in front of a monochrome canvas. As in the old master tradition of still life, the composition is simple but still full of significance and hidden messages. The monochrome work is a sign of the absoluteness of the art but the surface is not perfectly smooth and the viewer can see the struggle of the artist.

Against the work, the chairs give an effect of absence and waiting. Time is a recurring element in Calzolariā€™s work. The metronome marks the time of the installation and the visual perception. The time represents the transformation, the living flux that is common to art and life and that Calzolari will also explore through the use of friezing machines that change the aspect and the conformation of the work itself. The feather is a lyrical connection to the natural element, so dear to Calzolari and exemplified in his work through the recurrent use of feathers and leaves.