September 22, 2021

David Reimondo “Gesti”, Esterno Notte – CAMERA

Mazzoleni is pleased to participate in Esterno Notte, an exhibition taking place in neighbourhoods across the city of Turin. Promoted by CAMERA, Italian Center for Photography, the event will take place on Thursday, September 30 from 9 pm to 12 am. Over the course of the evening, photographs and videos will animate the walls, streets, houses and buildings of Turin as part of a collective celebration dedicated to the image.
Mazzoleni will present the video Gesti by David Reimondo inside the window of the gallery in via Cernaia 1.
For over a decade, David Reimondo has been drawing new graphemes and phonemes to create a new ecumenical and universal “language” meant to be understood as a general instrument of communication: verbal, physical, luminous, chromatic. Over the years, the artist has used his “symbols” to elaborate heterogeneous works: wood sculptures, verbal-visual, sound and light installations, videos and photographs. For the project “Gesti” (2014-2020), Reimondo collaborated with members of the Ente Nazionale Sordi – Sezione Provinciale di Milano, reinventing his symbols in sign language. After meetings and collective comparisons, some “new gestures” were chosen to compose a phrase often used by the artist in his works:
The muscle of thought is the brain. A procedure of the brain is language. Language defines and indicates the functioning of thought. To see language in action is to see the characteristic organ of the human animal. New languages determine the birth of new worlds“.

David Reimondo Gesti (2014-2020)
Thursday 30 September 2021, 9pm – 12am
Mazzoleni Torino, Piazza Solferino 2
Gallery’s window, via Cernaia, 1

Cover image: David Reimondo, Gesti, 2014-2020, Video, file MOV HD 264, 1 minute