June 8, 2021

Cinello Unlimited Award

Mazzoleni is proud to announce that Marinella Senatore is the winner of the Cinello Unlimited Award, Prize for excellence in combining art and culture with the digital world, with the project We Rise by Lifting Others.
Curated by the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi’s Director General Arturo Galansino, the project, set at the end of 2020, consisted of a light installation for the courtyard of Paslazzo Strozzi in Florence, inspired by the popular southern Italian luminaria or “artist’s lighting” tradition, and a programme of participatory workshops focusing on the idea of social activation and the construction of a community built around the practice of performance art.
CINELLO UNLIMITED has been created to reward the most innovative and interesting projects of the year among foundations, artists, galleries, and art players. The key is the digital element, whether it is a digital project, a design made by using digital devices, an experience through a web portal or social channels, conveyed content, message or news, or promotion of the artistic heritage through digital.

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Image: Installation view, Marinella Senatore We Rise by Lifting Others, Palazzo Strozzi, credits: OKNO Studio