September 29, 2020

Andrea Francolino “White Sub Limen”, Esterno Notte – CAMERA

Mazzoleni is pleased to join ESTERNO NOTTE, a project promoted by CAMERA, Centro Italiano per la Fotografia. On Thursday 1 October videos and slideshows will be projected on the Turin buildings facades. Our window of Palazzo Panizza in via Cernaia will host the video “White Sub Limen” by Andrea Francolino.

“This video disrupts the typical composition of the tv advertising, as 12 positive and 12 negative messages brake in every 10 seconds. Inspired by the methodology of advertising that since the 60’s has been uncontrolled in our daily visual communications, it overturns the dynamics of consumerism inserting between Apollonian and static frames of insignificant packaging – branded with a barely legible white-on-white – real and dynamic images that interfere with the fluidity of vision, and that act like subliminal messages. A reflection on the consumerist society is the central theme in the artist’s production, which despite the illusory balance of the message, leaves the viewer in free will”. Adriana Rispoli – Ottobre 2014 Q.I. Vedo sostenibile, Napoli

Andrea Francolino “White Sub Limen”
Mazzoleni Torino
Piazza Solferino, 2 – Turin
Gallery’s window, via Cernaia, 1
Thurdsay 1 October 2020, 9 – 11 pm

Image (frame): Andrea Francolino, White Sub Limen, 2014, Video 4’28’’