May 6, 2024

Andrea Francolino. Diversität

Andrea Francolino. Diversität | Rôznorodosť | Sokféleség | Raznolikosti | Pазноликости | Diversitate | Pазнообразие | Pізноманітність
Exhibition from June 8 to July 21, 2024

Mazzoleni is glad to announce Andrea Francolino’s upcoming exhibition ‘Diversity’ at Galerie Der Stadt in Tuttlingen , opening on June 8.

Francolino’s multidisciplinary approach engages with the notions of aesthetics, ethics and ecology. In his work, the relationship with nature results from his reflections on cracks, dust, fragments, chance, chaos and their opposites. The exhibition develops around the performance “Diversity”, from wich the exhibition takes its title.

The exhibition develops around the performance “Diversity“, from which the exhibition takes its title. People who differ from each other in terms of their ethnicity, origin, faith, social class, etc. will carve a crack in a wall from opposite ends. When the work is finished, two of them will meet in the middle. In the shape of the crack, one will recognize the course of the Danube, a tribute to the city of Tuttlingen, from which the river continues its journey through many countries before reaching the Black Sea. Until the end of the exhibition, the video of the series “Minute“ will be shown on the crack, a projection of 60 cracks, all different from each other and trying in vain to match the chiseled crack in the background. Randomness and diversity do not create repetitions, but developments towards possible equilibria.

In the same room of the gallery there are 10 flags from the series “Humus“, whose title stands for the natural balance of biological diversity. Humus is a reminder of the evolution of life, which is necessary for the preservation of the world. The flags made of three natural materials such as jute, bamboo and a composite of earth, refer to the parliaments of the Danube riparian countries, where important decisions about the future of our world are made.

The exhibition continues on the lower ground floor with a video installation and on the first floor with an installation “A-Biotic” in dialogue with a new production, which further explores Francolino’s research and ongoing artistc pursuits.