May 21, 2019

Alice Cattaneo at Museo Archeologico Acqui Terme

The show dedicated to Alice Cattaneo inaugurates the project “Tra-secolare”, a series of exhibitions installed inside the Archaeological Museum of Acqui Terme to relate Contemporary Art and Archeology.
The visitor is involved in a sort of imaginary laboratory consisting of continuous visual references between the finds of the museum and the works of Alice Cattaneo: a solicitation to reflect on the contrast between the materials and on the relationship that exists between the original gesture of an artistic work and its relationship with the concepts of fragment / rest / transitoriness / memory / narration.
Light structures, fragments of Murano glass or plastic and sometimes simple paper drawings, are scattered in the museum display cases and among the great stone finds, in a continuous and fruitful dialogue between past and present. Projected in the spaces between the amphorae, a video tells micro-stories in which the simple materials of which the sculptures of the Milanese artist are composed reappear.
The museum exhibition, with which the works of Alice Cattaneo are compared, is divided into three sections dedicated to the prehistoric and protohistoric age, to the Roman era and to the late-ancient and medieval period. There is space for a considerable number of finds of great historical and archaeological interest, which offer, as a whole, a significant testimony of the uninterrupted human presence in the Acquese territory, providing an overall view of the population of the city, from the most ancient antiquity to the thresholds of modern age. The name of Acqui Terme recalls that of Aquae Statiellae, the municipality founded by the Romans after defeating the Ligurians Stazielli. Pliny the Elder, in his Naturalis Historia, counts her among the cities “founded on water”.
An artist’s book edited by Corraini and edited by Alice Cattaneo herself, also author of the texts that accompany the works, finalizes the exhibition and documents it photographically, from the design phases and the setting up within the museum context.
Among the few young Italian artists of international stature, Alice Cattaneo has exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. She has recently exhibited his works at the Museo del Novecento in Milan and is currently participating in the “Negative Space” exhibition in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Alice Cattaneo at Museo Archeologico Acqui Terme
25 May – 23 June
Vernissage 25 May, 5:30 pm
Wed-Sun, 10am-1pm / 4-8 pm
Via Morelli 2 – Castello dei Paleologi
15011 Acqui Terme AL

Cover image: Alice Cattaneo, Untitled, 2018, Murano glass, blown glass, Museo Archeologico di Acqui Terme, detail