Dance First Think Later

Matteo Olivero Prize, 44th Edition

April 15, 2022

The next edition of “START SToria e ARTe Saluzzo” is coming up in Saluzzo from 22 April to June 2022. The event will bring together antiques, crafts, and contemporary art, along with a strong sense of participation that characterises the town during the spring.
The “Matteo Olivero” Prize is promoted by the Amleto Bertoni Foundation and the Municipality of Saluzzo and is organised by The Blank and Esperienza SRL. Every year, among the projects presented for the prize, the committee selects a new site-specific work to be permanently installed in the town of Saluzzo.
The winner of this year’s edition is Marinella Senatore. On 25 May, Senatore will present her work Dance First, Think Later, which will be permanently installed in the foyer of the Cinema Teatro Magda Olivero.
When winning the prize, Marinella Senatore declared: “For Dance first. Think Later I conceived the “luminaria” [light sculpture] in the foyer as a large “light architecture”, a space for energy activation and exchange generated by the light itself. The quote “Dance First. Think Later” by Samuel Beckett was very important for me to include. I believe that such empowering phrases have the energy to speak to communities and give a voice to social issues. Finally, my luminaria wants to be a monument to the individual as well as the community: a real celebration and a dynamic catalyst for social change”.

Cinema Teatro Magda Olivero
Via Palazzo di Città 15, Saluzzo (CN)
Opening: 25 May, 7pm
More information: official website

Cover image: Marinella Senatore. Photo credits: Fabio Mantegna.