Ottobre 31, 2022

Between Loneliness and Isolation

On November 5th, 2022, from 15:00 to 17:00 (GMT+9) Nanzan Institute International presents the online workshop “Between Loneliness and Isolation”, focused on Rebecca Moccia’s research about Loneliness. The project explores the emotional state of Loneliness in neoliberal society, taking as a practical and symbolic starting point the Ministry of Loneliness, a proper ministry appointed in the UK in 2018 to address social and health problems related to Loneliness, and then replicated in other countries as Japan in 2021.
The research project, developed in collaboration with Outset England, Jupiter Woods, Magazzino Italian Art, Italian Embassy in Tokyo, 南山宗教文化研究所 Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture and ICA Milan, was awarded the Italian Council X grant for the artists’ international research issued by the Italian Ministry of Culture (DGCC).



Moderator and Interpreter:
Enrico Fongaro (Senior Research Fellow, Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture)
Language: Japanese and Italian

15:00-15:50     Presentation 1: Ministry of Loneliness: An artistic research about Loneliness
Rebecca Moccia (Artist)

15:50-16:40     Presentation 2: Loneliness-Isolation Measures and Suicide Prevention in Japan
Karin Moriyama (Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Social Ethics)

16:40-16:50     Comment 1
Winibaldus Stefanus Mere (Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Social Ethics)

16:50-17:00     Comment 2
Taro Okuda (Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Social Ethics)