April 3, 2024

Vivienne Chow, Artnet, discusses with Luigi Mazzoleni about Salvo’s transformation into a “market star”

How the Late Italian Painter Salvo Went From Also-Ran to Market Star by Vivienne Chow, Artnet  

Luigi Mazzoleni offers insight into the work of the Italian master Salvo, what inspired him and his new-found prominence in the international art market.

“Salvo was quoted in an interview with Il Giornale dell’Arte in 1988 saying, ‘I don’t trust artists whose works don’t reflect something of their life and where they come from,’” said Luigi Mazzoleni, the owner of the London- and Turin-based gallery Mazzoleni. “This reflection of his life can be seen throughout his works, with Salvo’s Italian heritage playing a significant role in the development of his landscapes, especially those featuring ruins, with many of his works taking direct inspiration from Old Masters.” 

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