December 17, 2021

Rampa di lancio, Peccioli and Legoli

Peccioli (in the Province of Pisa, Tuscany) is once again hosting contemporary art events, in line with the projects already carried out in the past, which have made the town one of the most renowned art destinations in Italy. Upon an invitation by the Mayor Renzo Macelloni and from an idea by Sergio Risaliti, Director of the Museo Novecento in Florence, the exhibition project Rampa di lancio (“Launch Pad”) is taking place this winter.
The “launch pad” will be the terrace of the Palazzo Senza Tempo in Peccioli, which was designed by the architect Mario Cucinella. The installation on the terrace will feature the marble benches by Domenico Bianchi and the bronze I testimoni (“The Witnesses”) by Mimmo Paladino. “Artists have accepted the invitation to work in Peccioli because there is an art community here – explained Sergio Risaliti – some important names have worked here; with 10 artists involved, we spread the various exhibitions between Peccioli and Legoli.”
Among the artists included in Rampa di lancio, there is David Reimondo, who has used his sign alphabet to create a site-specific intervention on the exterior of the town’s Polyvalent Centre; and Andrea Francolino, who is presenting his gold Crepa (“crack”) in the Church of St. Giusto and Bartholomew, manifesting a dimension of “beyond” in between fullness and emptiness.
The project is curated by Sergio Risaliti and Antonella Nicola. The double inauguration will take place on Sunday 19 December at 12pm in Legoli and at 4pm in Peccioli. The temporary works will be on display until 15 March 2022, whereas the others will remain on display permanently.

Artists: Francesca Banchelli; Chiara Bettazzi; Domenico Bianchi; Giulia Cenci; Andrea Francolino; Mimmo Paladino; Pantani Surace; Paolo Parisi; David Reimondo; Emiliano Zelada

Rampa di lancio
Peccioli and Legoli
Opening: Sunday 19 December 2021
20 December 2021 – 15 March 2022

Images: Andrea Francolino, Legoli. David Reimondo, Peccioli. Photo Credits: Andrea Testi