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Massimo Vitali

Cefalù Orange Yellow Blue


Edition of 6 plus 2AP
Lightjet print on photographic paper from drum scan of original negative - Diasec mount with wooden frame
180 x 228 cm
70 7/8 x 89 3/4 in

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This is a traditional photo with the tripod in the water. In which the water is dominant. And above all the people in the water. There is a mother with her child on the right, a kind of very sweet portrait. There’s a family with a grandmother who has never been to the sea and it’s taken into the water by her grandchildren for the first time. She probably comes from the Sicilian countryside and doesn’t know how to swim. In the foreground there is a group of guys playing with a ball, with brightly coloured trunks that give the title to the photo. A whole series of short stories is framed by the houses of the old town of Cefalù, rather theatrical houses that recall those of a nativity scene. Naturally, what is incredible is also this fantastic water. Certain photos have the beach as the protagonist. Others feature the water. Still others the greenery. Cefalù is all about composition, it’s more Breugel-esque. The stories are more difficult to identify. So, my photos are not all the same.


Massimo Vitali interviewed by Mirta d’Argenzio, Short Stories, 2019