June 21, 2021

Marinella Senatore, Bodies in Alliance

Fondazione Imago Mundi is delighted to host at Gallerie delle Prigioni (Treviso) an installation by Marinella Senatore, one of the most internationally renowned Italian artists for her participatory, choral and collaborative creativity in which visual art but also dance, words, installation, light and colour come together creating an opportunity to reflect on concepts of sociality, sharing, community and public space.
On 21 June at 9 pm, in the small square at the entrance to the Gallerie delle Prigioni Bodies in Alliance will be inaugurated, a new project conceived for the city of Treviso: a colourful and multicoloured installation, a structure of illuminations inspired by the popular tradition of southern Italy and, at the same time, a theatrical backdrop, a podium on which the public can express itself.
Bodies in Alliance, in the words of Senatore herself, “is a celebration of citizenship and is designed to be in a public space, such as this small square. At a time when the whole world is coming out of a year and a half of confinement and social distance, this work seeks to be a recognition not of the fallen in war or the heroes of the past, but of the people here and now, whothrough their effort, their individuality and sociality can build new ideas of collectivity and community”.

Piazzetta delle Gallerie delle Prigioni, Treviso
From 21 June 2021

Cover: Marinella Senatore, Bodies in Alliance, 2021. Credits: Marco Pavan/Fondazione Imago Mundi