The Armory Show

THE ARMORY SHOW | JAVITS CENTER, SEPTEMBER 9–11, 2022, New York | Booth 340

VIP Preview (invitation only) : Thursday, September 8
Public Dates:
Friday, September 9, 12–8pm
Saturday, September 10, 12–7pm
Sunday, September 11, 12–6pm


Mazzoleni presents four female artists at the new edition of the Armory Show in New York. The display spans from the 1970s works by Carla Accardi until the contemporary production of McGill, Moccia and Senatore.
In 1946 Carla Accardi (1924-2014) moved to Rome, in a climate of artistic turmoil between supporters of pictorial realism and the new avant-gardes.   The works featured in the display cover the entire span of the artist’s life, from Cobaltorosso (Cobalt Red), 1970, to Riflessi condizionati (Conditional Reflections), 2013, and illustrate Accardi’s research on non-representation and the expression of a strong vital impetus through pictorial signs and colours.
Relational subjectivity, radical joy, and manifestation of potential in the relationship with others are themes also found in the research of Marinella Senatore (b. 1977). From the most recent Autoritratto (Self Portrait) series, in which the artist’s hands reach out into space, transcending the material limit to seek contact, other hands and bodies animate the series of paintings Un Corpo Unico, 2021, and Make it Shine, 2021.
Melissa McGill (b. 1969) is a New York-based interdisciplinary artist known for ambitious, collaborative, site specific public art projects.The new body of works presented continues her artistic conversation with water: in observation and reflection, McGill’s works “are translations in the language of the waves“. Intricate and shimmering, These Waters reflects on the dialogues between wind, light, reflection, transparency, and ephemeral, while a new series of paintings made with organic indigo pigment on kaolin clay emanate vitality, spirit and energy with intricate brush techniques that draw on ancient calligraphic gestures.
Winner in 2021 of the international research grant promoted by the General Direction for Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture as part of the Italian Council program, Rebecca Moccia (b. 1992) completes the presentation with her project Ministry of Loneliness, created in collaboration with Outset England, Jupiter Woods, Magazzino Italian Art, Italian Embassy in Tokyo, and ICA Milan. According to Moccia, Loneliness is a political matter, a collective feeling that relates to a community’s emotional and behavioural health rather than being an individual’s issue. The thermo-photographic series How Cold as You Are will be presented as part of Moccia’s research on loneliness.

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