Agostino Bonalumi. Il Teatro delle Forze (A Theatre of Forces)

Mazzoleni is marking the 10th anniversary of Agostino Bonalumi’s death (1935-2013) with a major retrospective of the artist’s work, Agostino Bonalumi: il Teatro delle Forze. Mazzoleni, Torino 1 November 2023 – 3 February 2024 Private View: Wednesday 1 November 2023, 6pm – 10pm

The Paradox of Proximity: Agostino Bonalumi and Lee Seung Jio.

Mazzoleni is delighted to present the exhibition The Paradox of Proximity: Agostino Bonalumi and Lee Seung Jio, in collaboration with Kukje Gallery, from 11 October to 30 November 2023, at Mazzoleni London. The show is curated by esteemed Italian writer, art critic and curator Marco Scotini, in conjunction with Archivio Agostino Bonalumi, Milan and the Estate of Lee Seung Jio, Seoul. This […]

Rebecca Moccia. Somewhere in the Room

– I think there’s a pain somewhere in the room, said Mrs Gradgrind, but I couldn’t positively say that I have got it. (Charles Dickens, Hard Times) Mazzoleni presents the first solo exhibition of Rebecca Moccia (b. Naples 1992) in the gallery space in Turin. The quotation from Charles Dickens in Hard Times, which gives […]

Nunzio. Drawings

The sign invents space, describes it, engraves it, defines and explains it. The sign as a trace, as a creator of space. (Nunzio, 2023) Following the great success of Nunzio’s first solo exhibition in London The Shock of Objectivity in 2019, Mazzoleni is delighted to present Nunzio. Drawings, a selection of new and unseen works […]

BIANCO NERO COLORE CHIUSO APERTO Accardi, Capogrossi, Reimondo

The dream of a perfect language did not only obsess European culture. The story of the confusion of tongues, and of the attempt to redeem its loss through the rediscovery or invention of a language common to all humanity, can be found in every culture. (Umberto Eco, The Search for the Perfect Language, Blackwell Publishers, […]