Gabriele Basilico

In the early seventies, after graduating from the Faculty of Architecture, Gabriele Basilico began to photograph urban landscape. With his first project, “Milano ritratti di fabbriche” 1978-80, he portrayed the milanese industrial area. In 1984 he was invited, as the only Italian photographer, to work on the project of the Mission Photographique de la DATAR, an enormous undertaking to record the contemporary French landscape promoted by the French government.
In 1991 participated with a group of international photographers in the photographic Mission on the city of Beirut at the end of the war. Since then, Gabriele Basilico has carried out many solo and group campaigns on different cities all around the world, and his work has been presented in many shows, books and catalogues. Among them “Porti di mare” (1990), “Bord de mer” (1992), “L’esperienza dei luoghi” (1994), “Italy, cross-sections of a country” (1998), “Interrupted City” (1999), “Cityscapes” (1999), “Berlin” (2001), “Beirut” 1991 (2003), “Scattered city” (2005), “Montecarlo” (2007), “Intercity” (2007).
Last accomplished projects include: “Silicon Valley” 2007 commissioned by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Roma 2007, “Vertical Moscow” 2010, a photographic survey on the urban landscape of Moscow portrayed from the top of the Stalin’s Seven Skyscrapers, Istanbul 05.010, Shanghai 2010, Beirut 2011, Rio de Janeiro 2011. Gabriele Basilico braided his untiring photographic investigation on morphology and transformations of the city and contemporary landscape, with seminars, lectures, conferences, and written reflections.